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Meet the audio experts who avoided the rabbit hole of DIY, and found beauty and function.

Chad and Kate — Portland OR

Working with Joel and everyone at Fraley & Co. has been a complete delight!  

I've known of Joel Fraley's level of expertise and artfully creative design eye for many years now from an outside perspective, as my Audio/Video company and we have worked alongside each other on multiple projects. I've worked with TONS of professionals, and many designers, and I can say without question that Joel Fraley is one of the best in the business.

It was not until I hired Joel to help with our kitchen design on my own home that I got to experience all Fraley and Company has to offer. I cannot express enough how much Joel brings to the table when it comes to design.

Joel was able to come in before we got too far down the rabbit hole of self designing our kitchen, and we are so thankful that he did.  

Our kitchen design ended up benefiting so much in function as well as aesthetic with the help of Joel and the team that we've tried to send anyone we know who's even considering a kitchen remodel to Fraley & Co.  

Every detail, such as spacing of cabinet door and drawers for ultimate efficiency, appliance style, layout and even procurement, counter finish, cabinet finish, tile, flooring...every kitchen decision was made with so much care and consultation.  

Joel helped to take our vision and make it better, more beautiful, and 100 times more functional.


Once the kitchen was done, we didn't hesitate to get Fraley & Co. involved in the design of our front entryway. This project required a ton of imagination, as we were basically giving the whole front of our 1898 home a major facelift as well as adding the benefits of a beautiful front porch.  


From the vision, to the drawings, to helping find great contractors, to the little tiny details like hardware finishes and colors, Fraley & Co. knocked it out of the park.

I cannot express enough how much Joel brings to the table when it comes to design. There is truly no substitute for years of experience, and you immediately see that Joel has mastered his craft.



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