Mountain Home


Meet the couple whose 1970's DIY mountain home needed a full makeover — one as inspiring as the view.

Chehalem Mountains, OR

We love being in the country and being able to get away. And this has become a place where other people come to visit for vacations.

It’s inspiring.

Our was a house built in the '70s with an add-on, which doubled the house size. Originally, the construction quality of the add-on wasn't any good, and we felt like we were continually doing projects, improvements, and never getting anywhere.

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Never getting to the end it. It was frustrating, like we were wasting money. We didn’t want to continually do projects — we wanted to enjoy the house.

We were in a financial situation where we could afford to bring in help and get someone else's view or opinion.

Rather than keep trying to do it on our own, my husband talked with two architects, and we chose Joel. We clicked — it just felt comfortable and felt like we could work with him.

I was happy and excited about the whole home project.

Joel came to the house first and saw what we currently had, then presented us the ideas and walked through the steps.


Now, we've been working with Joel and Nicole then for a year and a half. They took us out of our comfort zone and presented new design ideas and things that we would not have chosen on our own — making us a nice home.


For example, the original house with the add-on our house was 5,000 feet. And the square footage in the kitchen was probably, 10x9 or something like that. So you go through the whole house and all of a sudden you come to the kitchen and it was like, “Oh, this is your kitchen?”

Well, we have made the kitchen, oh my gosh, what is it, 20 feet long? With big 10-foot long windows in it. We've tripled the size of the kitchen and I can see the valley. It's beautiful, it's wonderful.

Overall the project went very well, it was definitely a cohesive effort on everybody's part — the architect, the contractor and us. It all came together very well and everybody worked together.

We actually finished in the timeframe they gave us!

Anybody working with Joel or Nicole would be pleased with their expertise as well as their customer service.

Having someone with the knowledge and expertise to help you — not just with the plans, but with the materials needed, if it needed to be ordered, or needed to be organized and figured out ahead of time — makes the whole construction project part go smoothly.



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