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Meet the jewelry designers who travel the globe and brought beauty back into their home.

Greta and Thomas — Ashcreek, Portland OR

We're both designers, and have been in the design world for over thirty-five years. We’ve always been interested in contemporary design, but our inspiration crosses all different media — architecture, interior design, film, and music.

We enjoy looking at beautiful things, hearing fine music, and looking at gardens.

When we travel, which we do a lot of, we always go to local museums, in all these cities in the world. When we come home though, our home itself has always irritated us.

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In the Northwest, there really has never been enough light. Maybe because of where the windows are or just because of the weather...for at least half the year it would be dark inside of the house.

We were either going to buy a new house or we were going to remodel and make it what we want. It wasn't really a question — it's always been on our minds.

Now, we're doing it (remodeling our house), but we both were aware of the fact that we didn’t know about building or remodeling, or really how to get the end results we were interested in.

So, we had no hesitation hiring professionals.

When we met Fraley + Company we both felt that they understood our aesthetics. We could talk with them and share with them our passions and the things that we liked, and they were open to listening to what we had to say.

I was really happy that Joel and Nicole took the time to explain to us the process of getting the look that we wanted. I certainly am someone who wants to understand all of the details and I was really impressed and happy with the way they answered my questions.

They did, to their credit, spend as much time as we wanted talking about who we were and what we were interested in.

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There's a lot of decisions to be made and they were very good at making it a comfortable experience for us as possible. They made the process as simple as it can be.

It was pretty seamless.

At this point, I think we're about six weeks from completion.

There will be a lot more light because we totally transformed the entry way from a wall with a traditional door to an entire wall of glass.

The light now just pours down the stairs and up the stairs into the living area. So, right away, I don't know about you, but a lot of light makes me feel better.

Especially in the Northwest.

Especially in the wintertime.

And we actually have a quite a bit of artwork that we collected over many years. Two of the new features of the home are what we're calling our “gallery wall” where we'll rotate art in and out, and a new staging area for all of our pieces, two dimensional and three dimensional.

Essentially, we tried to make it so that wherever you are in house you'll be looking at something unique and beautiful.

Once construction is done...well, we'll be happy! We'll be happy to spend more time in our home and more open to inviting a lot more friends to our home to socialize.

We felt uncomfortable having social events before because we didn't feel comfortable. We didn't like the way that the house looked. So certainly, well...that changed. We just feel more comfortable.

And that makes us feel good.


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