Kerri + Seth

Meet the family of five who needed more space and found room to roam in their new basement (doubling the square footage of the house while they were at it).

Kerri and Seth — Creston-Kenilworth, Portland OR

My wife, Kerri, and I have lived in Portland for about ten years now and in our house for about eight. We have three kids, ages three, six and eight who go to school in the neighborhood.

We are a growing family and decided it was important for us to stay central — to stay in the city.

But, we felt kind of priced out of our neighborhood, so our best choice was to invest in our house and create more livable space. It meant our large and growing family would have room to roam.

Space constraint was the challenge and fixing the basement was the solution.

My father is a general contractor, so at the beginning there was a little bit of feeling like "I could probably do this, figure this out with his help." But, knowing the stress that's involved and also just my own limitations, I was very comfortable and very pro-spending the money on bringing in an expert to do this. We were all onboard with Fraley + Company.

Joel understood what we hoped to accomplish and then worked with our priorities to get a design in place that met our objectives.

And there definitely was this "A-ha!" moment when he showed us his first draft of plans. It seemed very natural and it really made sense.

Working with Fraley + Company...It's been absolutely transformative.

They are smart, design-savvy, experienced, confident, professional and they will work with you and listen to you and help you realize your vision.

I would say our finished basement now buys us another seven or eight years in this house, allowing us to stay in a neighborhood we really like, stay in a house we're comfortable with, and not be completely disrupted by a difficult move.

I absolutely recommend them because having that right team is critical. Working with people that you trust, people that share your aesthetic or approach, that will work with you, won't impose their ideas and’s hugely important.

If you're in a situation where moving is either not feasible because your neighborhood got expensive or you're just really comfortable where you are, it’s a really good time to invest in your own personal real estate and maximize the potential of your home.



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