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Meet the Mid-Century Modern design enthusiasts who said out with the old pink kitchen, and in with the new retro-inspired Big Chill.

Megan and Jason — Cherry Park, Portland OR

Jason and I are Mid-Century modern design enthusiasts and big fans of color. We love anything retro or vintage. We also own a local ceramic tile company called Clayhaus that specializes in color and simple geometric designed tile.

We had a very outdated and ugly kitchen that needed to be completely gutted.

We bought the 1956 house from the original owner. The was just old, ugly, and really cheap materials. Everything was pink. I honestly was not going to be able to live with this kitchen, because it was so horrid. That being said, it was an open canvas for us to visually be like, "Ah. Perfect. We're just going to come in here and gut it down to the studs."

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To the studs we go

We wanted to take everything back to how it was, with an update of course.

In our previous homes, the remodels that we had done had never required an interior designer or a design firm, because we weren't doing a full remodel or gutting. It was like, "Oh. Let's just switch out paints.” This time we were like, "This is a little bit daunting for us," not to mention we're super busy at work. The combination of needing the expertise, someone who could source easily...I don't even know where to begin. Our goal was to create a Mid-Century modern kitchen and we needed an expert to help us achieve our vision.

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He was very cool and laid back, and really approachable. That's what we remembered the most about him. Plus, he dug our tile!

— Megan and Jason Coleman. Owner's of Clayhaus, a local ceramic tile company

Jason and I are ceramic tile makers and we met Joel at an open house at our local showroom distributor. He was very cool and laid back, and really approachable. That's what we remembered the most about him. Plus, he dug our tile!   

When we approached Joel about working with us to design our new kitchen, he was stoked about the opportunity and we appreciated his enthusiasm.

Every time you sit down with someone, you're kind of hoping, "Can this person understand my vision?" He was either going to get this...or not. When I told him what we were going for, he was like, "I'm on it." There was just no hesitation. He immediately grasped the vision that we were going for.

We didn't want it to feel like a museum or some kind of hokey time capsule, because there are some mid-century modern enthusiasts who go all the way with it. You know?

We're not living in 1956, and we are active people, and we're real, and we're going to live in this kitchen. We're going to use this kitchen.

He had good recommendations and suggestions. He immediately made us feel at ease — that this was something that not only could he do well, but he's excited to do. I feel like he went above and beyond, accommodating our schedules, coming to our studio, showing us materials.

He was very honest with us, helping us make calls based on our budget.

Our favorite piece was the refrigerator, which is a Big Chill. And that was part of the process. What are you going to spend your money on? Where's the budget going? What's going to be the big piece? Where can we buy something cheap? Where can we go expensive? It was just a really cool refrigerator. It looks old, but it’s new.

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This was our first extensive remodel project and there were definitely emotional moments during the process. We learned very quickly from Joel that what we were feeling was totally normal and he was very supportive through the process.

You know, all those contractor stories you hear during construction...He always remained confident that everything would work out smoothly and it did.

We are very happy with the finished result and can't say enough good things about Joel. He is a professional and he is also a friend.

We love our new kitchen so much! It is what Joel likes to call "top quality bad-assery."

We get tons of compliments. Every person that walks into our new kitchen is blown away at how cool it is. Not that it matters what other people think, but it is nice to hear people enjoy your space that you helped kind of come up with and create, and then it's reflective of your style and your personality.

It was a fun experience! It feels really good, and it looks beautiful, and we're really proud of it.

All the materials work beautifully together and we have Fraley & Company to thank.

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An Amazing Transformation


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