Meet the kitchen made possible because of an inheritance, inspired by a watercolor, and transformed into and oasis.

Rebecca — Mt Tabor, Portland OR

I'm a gardener, a breast cancer survivor for eighteen years and have been paddling for about twelve. I actually just came back from a trip to Italy where we competed in the International Regatta for Breast Cancer Survivors.

Especially after this trip, this home is my haven. It’s always been a comfortable house, but since the remodel, it’s just an oasis.

The kitchen and the dining room originally were very, very tiny.

I entertain a fair amount and it used to be if I did have any more than like six people for dinner, I’d have to put tables in the family room to make a dining space because the dining room was so tiny.

I was making do, but it was always a conundrum as far as how to make the space work.


My first exploration was thinking if I could find a company that designed and built. My first call was to another firm. The guy came and oh my gosh, he says “We wouldn’t touch these three rooms for under $200,000.”

That was just so absurd to hear and it could have been discouraging — but for my neighbors. Chad and Kate, they lived around the corner and were remodeling their kitchen. Kate just couldn’t say enough nice things about Joel.


So I called Fraley + Company and just felt so comfortable with him, pretty much off the bat.

It just was such a positive experience and Joel just took any angst out.

He acted as the project manager all the way through, and that was nice to know — that I had that kind of advocacy.

I also liked the fact that I didn't have to be embarrassed talking about money. I remember Joel had said “Oh you’ve got to get that elephant out of the room right away because otherwise things get designed and never built.” We were able to just to be upfront about it because that's a reality.


I wanted to try and keep the kitchen somewhat in the period — it's a 1940s house — so the kitchen was simple and clean. Pretty much white. But there’s got to be some color!  

So, Joel and I worked on the backsplash.

I had done this watercolor and I pulled that out as inspiration. The colors were narrowed down to aqua, orange and copper. It just adds such warmth and positive feelings.

When I walked in — when it was pretty much done — it was love at first sight, I have to say. It was just like “Oh my gosh, I get to be in this space. This gets to be mine.”


It kind of took my breath. It works together so well and, like I said, it’s such a happy place.

I just really, really enjoy it, and I’m so proud of my space.



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