Shelley + Gary

Meet the couple who bought the in-laws a home and turned the tired kitchen into a welcoming family hub ready for Christmas brunch.

Shelley and Gary — Beaverton, OR

We are both Oregonians. But, because Gary is a consulting engineer, we knew that we would move with his work. Which means, it’s actually in Australia that we started working with Joel on a beautifully built 1980’s house (but with all of the original 1980's look to it).

The kitchen was looking tired compared to what you know is out there.

My in-laws wanted to move to Portland and we were willing to invest in a house — to get our footprint in there — so we purchased this house in Beaverton for them to live in. It was a place for family gatherings, though, and the traffic pattern through the kitchen was just very annoying. Every time we visited we thought, "We should do this."

Because we were doing the renovations from afar, we definitely wanted someone who knew what they were doing.

We wanted it to be done professionally and to have confidence in their work. Joel was recommended to us, and we were just really pleased with his approach to the project and his philosophy.

One of the things that turned my husband off other firms was that they do the whole thing — design and build — whereas Joel would design the kitchen and then offered his input on who might be a good general contractor to do it for us.

We liked this approach much better, and we really enjoyed the process.

We knew we were being heard — whether it was conference calls to discuss the plans or communicating about styles and countertops.

When it came time to do construction, Joel suggested a contractor who was wonderful. They were on time, they did what they say they were going to do, and they did good work. Joel also came out a to help make decisions that came up during construction, working together as a team with them.

Now, the kitchen feels good — what we felt were the issues all got addressed in a beautiful way. It just works wonderfully for our family.

That Christmas we had brunch with all of his siblings and kids at the house and it was very fun to be able to use it and have all of those people there and lay out all of this food.

Which is why I'm all for using experts like Joel because he’s seen the pitfalls, he knows what to look for, and has the experience to take our ideas and make them real.

We'd certainly use Fraley + Company again because this is the only way to do it. To leave it in the hands of people you can trust.


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